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4 types of pets to accompany your children

4 types of pets to accompany your children
 Children between the ages of 5 and 6 are at a stage of emotional growth, and caring small pets can help them develop compassion and learn to care for and sympathize with others.


If parents do not want to have multiple births, there is no shortage of tiny pets for your kids to grow with, since they will develop better with a pet.

Having a pet is the same as having friends; it not only can provide children with companionship, but it can also teach kids a variety of skills. Parents may select from the four varieties of tiny animals listed below, and present it to their children as a live "New Year's gift."


No1: preferred pets - puppies & kittens

The most common pets in the family when it comes to dogs and cats. Dogs are the most faithful, it is believed that many people who have seen the movie《Hachi: A Dog's Tale》 have shed tears for the dog waiting for its master. As the animal with the closest relationship with humans, it is appropriate to have a dog to become the inseparable playmate of children.
Hachi: A Dog's Tale
Dogs themselves love to run, and there are many interactive games for children and dogs. Such as throwing a Frisbee or jumping and chasing, etc. A dog can also increase children's time outdoors, so that babies are exposed to more sunlight and fresh air.

During sports and games, children also take care of dogs and play with them attentively, which also increases their sense of love and responsibility. In addition to active puppies, people are also particularly fond of masturbating cats, and cats are also very popular with children.

best cats for kids   	The warm fluffy fur body of a cat and the lazy purring sound allows children to relax along with it. Many parents are always worried about their children getting hurt when they have a dog or a cat. Parents should be careful not to leave their kids alone with their pets at first.

You should first take your children to know the animals, such as which parts can not be touched, their temperament and habits, etc. Children gradually familiar with the understanding can be harmonious with small animals.

There are also parents who worry that cats and dogs will make their children allergic. However, studies have found that children who spend a lot of time with cats and dogs are less likely to suffer from allergies than children who have just started keeping pets, and that children who grow up have a higher risk of allergies.


No2: The easiest to feed - turtles and goldfish

When your baby asks for a small pet. If you do not feel the time and energy to take care of a cat or dog, try to let your baby keep a goldfish or turtle, a kind of very easy to keep animals.

Goldfish are easy to keep, you just need a fish tank, and do not have to spare much space in the house. As a "starter pet" fish, children are also very fond of.

Children are very fun-loving, if only outside the ornamental fish can not meet the hearts of children, then you can also keep a small turtle. Turtles are also very easy to raise and do not require a lot of attention, just need to be fed on time.

The goldfish and turtles only need to do a good job of feeding, and the usual water changes, very suitable for children to raise hands-on, and do not have to worry about any health problems.

However, the feeding of food should also be limited, do not throw food small animals, which can easily lead to the death of animals, parents can also incidentally give children knowledge of science, learning to know animals.

No3: Cute hamsters and rabbits - can develop kids' patience and responsibility

The appearance of hamsters and rabbits are cute and adorable, so naturally they are also liked by children. And small animals are also easy for children to control, if children have a fear of dogs and cats, you can try to keep such small animals.

However, hamsters and rabbits are smelly animals, which often have to clean the cage. Otherwise the smell in the house will be very unpleasant. It is also time to develop the child's patience and love.

Not only to improve the child's sense of responsibility, but also to experience the hard work of parents to take care of their own. Small animals will allow children to do things with an increased sense of responsibility, and in the process of accompanying animals, children will also become gradually patient.


No4: Birds that can sing and talk

There are very many species of birds, including parrots that learn to speak and larks that sing. These birds will also delight children who like music, and birds are also a sociable and intelligent animal.

However, it takes some time to train birds. By observing small pets, children can also increase some of their language skills, be more open to social connection and have better emotional release.

When parents choose the right pet for their children, they must educate their children to live in harmony with animals, learn to respect and love every little animal, protect them from harm, and pets grow up healthy and happy together!

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