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5 behaviors to find out if your baby is bored

5 behaviors to find out if your baby is bored

Baby is not what we think of as not understanding how to express sentiments; rather, he hasn't learned to communicate them verbally. When newborns are bored, they often exhibit these behaviors:


Sucking and biting are the baby's first experiences with the world in some ways; the baby's interest about external things causes him to acquire objects to send to the mouth, such as fingers, feet, toys, and so on. Parents should not stop this situation, which is the child's ability to explore, sucking ability to exercise, or in self-entertainment; as the baby grows older, other forms of entertainment can be substituted; however, if the baby continues to exhibit sucking and biting behavior, it is likely that the baby is suffering from autism. If your baby is still sucking and chewing, it's most likely because he or she is bored and wants to play with mom.

Baby teething toys, you should choose those solid piece of silicon, no parts to break off and choke on, surface has various textures.


The eyes are the windows to the soul, but also can best express the state of mind. As a small baby, when he is energetic, eyes are also excited, bright, when he looks at a place through the look of tired, silent daze, sometimes not only because of tired, when the mother found that the baby has this condition to pay attention to ah, the baby may be bored, need to accompany the mother oh.


Sometimes baby will show quiet, a change from the usual noisy and restless situation, this time the mother will often think that the baby learned to behave, but in fact this is a bored passive state, the need for mother's company.


Baby consciousness in the development of imperfect when the emotions are also difficult to self-control, sometimes the baby may resort to screaming, crying, noise to attract the attention of adults, because after all, baby lack the ability to discriminate, sometimes inevitably have excessive behavior, so parents should be timely guidance to avoid uncivilized behavior of children, especially in public. Parents can accompany their baby to do some games to mobilize their interest.  


5、Picking and touching objects  
Baby may sometimes be interested in some clothing, and subconsciously buckle, touch, tug, pull, wring, pull the body or clothing, this unconscious action may also be the baby in the expression of their very bored.


When baby feel bored, how can we help relieve  

1. Do some unusual actions or combinations  
For example, we can play the game of imitating small animals with our baby.
Demonstrate to baby by imitating some animal movements, such as a duckling walking, an elephant with a long trunk, etc. With the animal's call, the baby will surely be amused and giggle. Encourage your baby to learn how to do it, your baby will learn with joy, and it will also be a good exercise for your baby's muscle and movement coordination.

2、Change the play environment for your baby in time  
Babies tend to lack concentration and patience, so you will find that he will start to have a little tantrum after playing with toys for less than half an hour. He seems a little bored, and adults are just chatting aside ignoring him, he will throw toys, wreak havoc to vent his frustration.  
This time parents may wish to give more attention to the baby, timely to the baby to change the game environment and atmosphere. For example, mom can put on some classical music to calm the baby's emotional role, to enable the baby to release tension and stress, in the beautiful background music, mom can tell the baby a small story, or give him the tools to doodle can make him change his mood, into something new. Let your baby know that it's okay to make yourself happy by making some changes and innovations.  
Of course, if parents are bored at home, take the baby out for a walk, so that the baby is exposed to more people and things, then there will not be a long stay at home boredom.

3、Baby is tired of playing with toys trying to new tricks  
For the baby asked to play with new toys, mom on the one hand by "delayed gratification" baby needs, on the other hand, you can try some clever ways to make baby fall in love with old toys again!
For example, you can come to a "toy cleaning day", the baby discarded toys aside to take out again, and the baby together to clean the old toys, old toys in the re-cleaning like new, to recall the baby's old love of toys.  
Parents can also try to think of some new ways to play with old toys, such as using blocks and trains with, or with play dough with colored pens to create crafts and so on, try to guide the child to do some small breakthroughs on the basis of the original toys, not only to meet the baby's desire for new toys, but also to stimulate the baby's creativity and creativity it!

4、Do not tire of playing the baby's favorite game 
Adults and babies do not feel the same about boredom, in the parents' view, the baby's game repeatedly to repeat the boring, but the baby is always happy. For example, lift high, hide-and-seek and so on these games, baby every time when playing like crazy happy. Since your baby likes it, when you notice that your baby seems to be a little bored, take the initiative to play these games with your baby that you never get tired of! Warm tip, babies by nature love to play, look at his heartless look, parents are hard to think that he will also have moments of boredom, and baby boredom is easy to trigger bad habits, so parents should do a good job to channel his boredom.

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