First aid method every parents should learn-Heimlich Maneuver – TILLYOU

First aid method every parents should learn-Heimlich Maneuver

First aid method every parents should learn-Heimlich Maneuver

Many babies stuff their mouths when they see things because of their curiosity. It is easy to put foreign objects such as coins and small beads in their mouths, which can cause foreign objects to get stuck in their mouths.

It is very important for parents to learn Heimlich Maneuver!


The physical principle of Heimlich Maneuver is to treat the human lungs as a balloon, and the trachea is connected to the lungs, and the trachea is regarded as a balloon mouth used to blow into the balloon. Once a foreign body appears in the trachea, the trachea will be stuck and artificial respiration cannot be performed.

 At this time, external force can be used to squeeze the balloon to drive the residual air in the lungs to move to the top and enter the trachea, thereby flushing the stuck foreign body out of the trachea.

It doesn’t matter if you find it difficult to understand, the most important thing is to learn how to operate:

Operation method for babies under 24 months——


Back 5 times: Hold the child's body on the adult's forearm, with the head facing down, the adult supports the child's head and neck with his hands; use the palm of the other hand to slap the child between the shoulder blades on the back 5 times .


   5 times chest compression method: If the blockage is still not eliminated, implement 5 times chest compression method. The child lies supine, facing upwards, lying on a hard ground or bed, the adult kneels or stands on his foot, or takes a seat, and the child rides on the adult’s two thighs, facing forward. Adults place the middle or index fingers of both hands on the child's abdomen under the thorax and above the navel, and press it up and down quickly, but be rigid and soft. Repeat this action until the foreign body is discharged.


   How to operate babies over 24 months——


5 times abdomen squeezing method: standing or sitting behind the baby, arms around the baby’s abdomen, one hand into a fist, palms inward, placed between the belly button and the breastbone, the other hand presses On the fist, quickly squeeze upward and inward five times in a row until the foreign body is discharged.



   After the child gets stuck in the throat of a foreign body, be sure to avoid picking the throat with your hands, so as not to move the foreign body inward as it picks up.


The sooner the suffocation occurs, the better, the best rescue time is only 3 minutes!

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