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How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Well in Autumn

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Well in Autumn
 "Baby sleep" is a never-ending concern for many parents. Since the weather is unstable, especially in the impending fall seasons, you may be concerned that your infant may not sleep properly. A slew of issues, such as baby wearing more or less while sleeping, is it covered or not, may perplex parents.

I. Wrong operation of baby sleeping

1. "Wearing too much at sleep is a way of staying warm."

Babies that are overdressed will be highly uncomfortable when sleeping and are more likely to have trouble breathing. Furthermore, wearing heavier clothing and then covering their selves with a bed quilt, which allows them to sweat while sleeping, will lead to the flu.

2. Sleeping in the same bed as your infant

Some parents think that because it is chilly at night, they need to let their newborns sleep with them; however, this is a mistake. So the adult quilt is particularly heavy for little newborns, covering them will be quite unpleasant and, over time, will result in a lack of oxygen. When the parents fall asleep, it is simple to cover the baby's head with the quilt, resulting in suffocation and even death.

Babies can't communicate yet since they are so little, and even when they do learn to talk, their expressive abilities are limited, and they can't tell their parents how they feel.
As a result, depending on part of their kid's performance, parents will need to evaluate if their infant is chilly or hot.

dad sleep with baby -winter

II. How to distinguish whether the baby is cold or hot

To sense, parents can use their hands to touch the back of the baby's neck and back.
a. The temperature of the back is acceptable, indicating that the infant is properly clothed.
b. The baby's back is heated, even sweaty, indicating that he or she is overdressed.
c. the back is very chilly, signaling that the infant is very cold, and that the baby should be covered with a comforter.

Furthermore, many moms think that because my baby's hands and feet are chilly, they must be cold; nevertheless, this viewpoint is incorrect. As the baby's heart is very little, contraction once the so-called heart pumps blood to the end of the limbs is relatively modest, so the child's limbs, particularly the hands and feet, are a little on the cool side under normal conditions.

Some parents believe that when the temperature decreases in fall, they don't have to pay as much attention to their baby's sleeping difficulties as they do in summer. This is not the case, since autumn temperatures can range from high to low, and it is also a period when colds are frequent. As a result, parents must maintain vigilance in order to keep their children from being ill.


III. How to make the baby sleep comfortably and safely?

1. Temperature regulation in the room

The thermoregulatory center function of the baby is not only underdeveloped, but it is also incapable of responding to changes in external temperature and self-regulation. So, regardless of the baby's age, the air conditioner temperature should not be too low, and the room temperature should be kept at around 77°F (25°C), which is the most acceptable.

2. Humidity control

Humidity has a significant influence on body temperature; individuals feel most comfortable inside with relative humidity levels ranging from 45 to 65 percent; humidity levels around 50 percent are ideal. If you use humidifiers, make sure to use pure water and replace the water on a daily basis.

3. The infant should sleep alone

Parents should prepare a separate bed quilt for the baby, and if the infant has a habit of kicking the blanket while sleeping, parents should frequently get up at night to cover the baby to prevent the baby from developing a cold.

4. Select comfy sleep sacks

If parents are concerned that your baby may kick the blanket after falling asleep, you can prepare a sleep sack (aka baby sleep bag). It is best to pick sleep sack that are made of 100% cotton, are reasonably thin and thick, and are breathable.  You can also cover him or her with a small quilt.
Even if the little one kicks the quilt, he or she will not suffer a cold and will be protected from the high temperature covering heat.

a. 0.5 Tog sleeping bag is often made of a single layer of cotton and is ideal for wearing in the summer (75-80°F).
b. 1.0 Tog sleeping bag is typically a double-layer cotton that is ideal for spring and fall weather that is not too chilly (69-73°F ) when used.
c. 2.5 Tog sleeping bag and air conditioning blanket thickness is approximately the same, appropriate for spring and fall weather is a bit cool (60-68°F) to wear.
d. 3.5 Tog sleeping bag provides excellent warmth and is ideal for winter (53-59°F).


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