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How to Host an Exciting and Memorable Baby Shower

How to Host an Exciting and Memorable Baby Shower

It may appear complicated, but with good planning and preparation, arranging a baby shower can actually be a joyful experience.

Here are some helpful tips on how to plan an exciting and memorable baby shower:

Choose a date and time:

If you want it to be a surprise, attempt to have the party around your guest of honor's 7th month of pregnancy - the ideal period when the pregnancy is healthy, and she is still able to move around. Involve your spouse in the surprise to ensure that the day and time you've picked are appropriate (ask for present suggestions as well!). Otherwise, inquire about the mother-to-preferred is date for the baby shower!

Make a budget:

You don't have to bear all the expenditures on your own (unless you can and want to!), you may ask your close pals to chip in financially. The first step is to create a guest list. If it's a surprise baby shower, you may make your own list; if it's not, you can ask the guest of honor. Knowing how much money you have and how many individuals you need to serve can make the next stages easier.

Choose a location and a theme:

Choose an appropriate place for your baby shower based on your budget. Depending on your budget, it may be at a café, restaurant, or even in a friend's garden. Consider the mommy-to-preferences is for the theme and decorations. It may be as basic as a color scheme, dependent on the gender of the baby. Make certain that you purchase the flowers on the day of the party!

Prepare the menu:

Don't prepare an elaborate menu! Salads, sandwiches, tiny sliders, and even pizza are all good options for comfort food. A barbecue would be ideal if the baby shower is held in the garden. But don't forget to get feedback from your honored visitor!

Make the program flow:

Baby showers are not difficult to organize. They usually include of fun pregnancy and baby-related activities, present unwrapping, offering advice to the mommy-to-be, and overall simply friends celebrating new life. Investigate amusing games, nice music, and other types of amusement. Don't overlook the party goodies!

If you follow these easy steps for arranging a fun and memorable baby shower, you and your guests will have a great time, especially your guest of honor and her friends!

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