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What should I pay attention to when buying a crib?

What should I pay attention to when buying a crib?

It is preferable for newborns to sleep separately from adults. Since babies' growth and development are inextricably linked to proper sleep, when he sleeps near to parents, the light from adults' cell phones at night and the sound of turning over may startle the baby, resulting in a lack of sleep. The frequent high occurrence of newborn sleep accidents in recent years is also related to the baby sleeping in a bed with adults, the mother and father being too sleepy during the day, sleeping too heavy, inadvertently covering the baby with the quilt, and causing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that newborns should sleep in close proximity to their parents and that children sleep in a separate bed, such as a bassinet that meets safety standards. But there is no reason to allow an infant to stay in only his or her crib.

So from these aspects, it is necessary to prepare a crib at home, if you feel worried about the baby sleeping alone in a crib is not safe, you can choose a side of the crib can be put down, and then spliced with the bed, so that the baby can use a safe and intimate distance to sleep with mom and dad.


The choice and use of cribs to pay attention to:
I, the preferred crib is solid wood, compared to the combination of panels, solid wood is a little more sturdy, the harmful components will be much less.
II, the mattress should be moderately soft and hard, if you need to replace the crib mattress, then the mattress size must fit the crib frame completely, so as not to have gaps pinch the baby.
III, the bed edge fence is at least about 4.3 inches above the mattress. When the baby is alone in the bed, remember to fasten the bed rails and the pulley under the bed.
IV, the height of the crib to be adjustable, both convenient to put together a large bed, but also convenient for the baby will stand after you can adjust the height of the bed board.
V, the bed edge fence spacing in 1.9 ~ 2.3 inches, to prevent the baby to stretch out their little hands and feet and even little head when they are stuck.
VI, for the newborn bed within 3 months of age, should be soft and flat, do not put too many plush toys, and do not wrap the toys with rope next to the crib, so that it does not strangle the baby.
VII, remember to lower the mattress height once the infant learns to sit, because a blink of an eye can learn to grip anything to stand up. Adjust the height to prevent children from falling off the bed and injuring themselves.

Allow your baby to sleep in a bed by himself if the conditions permit. Breastfeeding moms may bring down the bed side rails to connect the huge bed, making feeding and changing diapers at night extremely simple, and the bed area is also vast.

If your baby is unwilling to sleep in their own crib, create a great bed rail to keep them from turning over and tumbling out of bed at night. Don't forget to put your infant in a sleeping bag, and if it's chilly, put on their own small comforter. Preventing mishaps with adults sleeping together by preventing adults' blankets from covering the mouth and nose.


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